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Welcome to Studio Oiduts

All we are is just a small family run design studio that provides original fun graphics apparel. By 'family run' I mean me who carries the pencil.....my wife the whip and two young kids who inspires me incessantly.

I pride myself in creating every work the old school way.....hand-drawn pencil on paper. 

An unknown quote summarize it best  "Quality never goes out of style". 

We have learned to be responsible in sourcing our best shirt materials from American Apparel (Made in the U.S.A the sweatshop-free way) and screen-printed locally in Hayward, California. We strive to provide the best that is available. 

We're not changing the world but the people wearing our shirts may very well be! So I'm honored to be making stuff for them.

"Quality never goes out of style" 

Thank you for stopping by. 
Roger Ngu